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Health Benefits:

mushroom Mushrooms are often classified as a vegetable, but they are actually fungi.

There is an estimated 38,000 species of mushroom, only about 3,000 are edible, about 700 have known medicinal properties, and less than one percent are recognized as poisonous.

Disease-fighting fungus: The mushrooms is a great source of vitamin D (important for bone health), B vitamins (key for heart health), and minerals like potassium and zinc.

Mushrooms are probiotic, they help restore our bodies balance and natural resistance to disease.

Helps boost immune system function, boost cardiovascular health, and fight infection.

Lowers the risk of cancer and helps in the treatment of cancer.

Mushrooms low calorie content is good for those who are reducing.

Three Mushroom species that contain phenomenal healing properties:
Maitake - is recommended especially for stomach and intestines problems, as well as diabetes.
Shiitake have been used for centuries by the Chinese and Japanese to treat cold and flu. Today it is recommended especially in treating nutritional deficiencies and liver ailments.
Reishi extract promotes respiratory health.

› It is important to buy only to reputable store to avoid a poisonous species.

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