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INSOMNIA (Sleep Disorder)

Habitual sleep disturbance that includes difficulty in falling asleep, remaining asleep, intermittent wakefulness. Chronic insomnia affects one out of ten Americans and approximately 30 percent of healthy seniors. It is often a symptom of a serious underlying medical disorder. Fifty percent of insomnia cases can be attributed to depression and psychological disorders, such as anxiety, stress, or grief.

› Transient insomnia becomes chronic.
› Increased daytime sleepiness that can affect all aspects of your life.

› Lifestyle changes or seek ways to reduce stress.
› Relax in a warm bath before bedtime.
› Turn off your mind. Focus on peaceful and relaxing thoughts.
› Exercise regularly to create healthy fatigue.
› Stay away from saturated fat, processed grains, fast foods and diet and sugary sodas.
› Eat a high-fiber diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils.

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Health Tips
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