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Health Tips

Even if you are free from any diseases, you will benefit from this website because it gives advice on how to maintain the highst level of health, build up your immune system, and increase your energy level. We offer traditional remedies, and suggest healthful modifications in diet and lifestyle.


A short definition of the problem or disease is provided. This informatioin about illness is in codensed, easy-to-read in a one-page format chart. Further information need to be discussed.

This section provides a short description of additional medical problems triggered by or as a result of the original illness.

The recommendations under this heading apply to self home treatment. They cover common matters such as weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise, proper diet, lifestyle change to reduce stress, and reduction in alcohol consumption.. They are not complete and may not apply to everybody, but they provide a good review of general measures helpful for most patients.
You should always discuss potential side effects of any prescription medication with your physician.

Put wellness at the top of your list now.
Don't wait until something goes wrong.