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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

A pattern of behavior in children characterized by short attention spans, impulsivity, with or without hyperactivity. It causes a variety of learning and behavioral problems. ADHD is the fastest growing childhood disorder in the United States, estimated to affect 10% of school-aged children. Boys are affected 10 times more than girls, and it can be found in adults as well.

Child may not grow out of difficulties. later problems occur such as academic failure, antisocial behavior and sometimes, criminal behaviors.

› Many studies have definitively shown that food additives do play a major role in hyperactivity.
› Include in the diet all fruits and vegetables.
› Include DHA source foods such as tuna, salmon, and herring in your diet.
› Follow a high-protein diet. A low-protein diet may be a contributing factor.
› Increase complex carbohydrates and cut down simple carbohydrates.
› Complex carbohydrates: fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, and natural whole grains.
› Simple carbohydrates: all forms of sugars, some juices, and in processed and refined grains.
› Eliminate all foods that contain artificial colors, flavorings, MSG, yeast, or preservatives.