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Stones in the gallbladder (the organ under the liver that stores bile). It has been estimated that 20 million Americans have gallstones. Most gallstones are composed primarily of cholesterol (75%), others contain bile pigment or calcium. Females age forty and over who are overweight and who have had children are more likely than most people to suffer from disorders of the gallbladder.

› Infection or rupture of the gallbladder.
› Surgery

› Eat a low-fat diet.
› If you are overweight, begin a weight reduction program immediately.
› Rapid weight loss increases the risk of gallstones.
› Eat a high-fiber diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables.
› Alfalfa cleanses the liver and supplies necessary vitamins and minerals.
› Drink juices such as pear, beet, grapefruit, and apple frequently.
› Avoid sugar contained products. People who consume an excessive amount of sugar are much more likely to form gallstones.

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