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Dr. Jun In

MeridianAcpuncture is only one modality under the large umbrella of Oriental medicine.

Dr. Jun In is also nationally certified Chinese herbalist.

Beyond herbs and acupuncture, as a primary health care provider, we providing following therapies such as food therapy, heat, cupping therapy, Qi Gong(like Tai-chi), breathing exercise, and lifestyle changes to help the healing process.

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We emphasized the importance of seeing each patient as a unique human being, rather than as a collection of symptoms. We will take a more balanced approach to keeping ourselves well through traditional therapies. A healthy, trusting patient-provider relationship makes individualized care possible. we have to discover our hearts again in the sense of compassion.

A foucs on helath, not disease...


Acupuncture has been shown to effectively treat many medical problems such as arthritis of the knee, low back pain, migraine, etc...

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