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Pain in the lower back that radiates to the buttock and down into the leg. The sciatic nerves are the longest nerves in the body and any pressure on them by a herniated disk results in a shooting pain, usually in the leg and foot. Often there is no obvious cause, but risk increases with gardening, infrequent exercise, obesity, poor posture, or wearing high heels.

Chronic low back pain and restricted lifestyle.

› Weight loss, if obesity is a problem.
› Take breaks if you have to stand or sit for long periods.
› After healing, exercise to strengthen lower back muscles to prevent recurrences.
› Drink enough water. Muscle aches and back pain are frequently connected to dehydration.
› To relieve back muscles pain, soak in a very warm bath or apply a heating pad.
› Learn stress reduction or relaxation techniques.
› Acupuncture has the backing of the World Health Organization for the treatment of back pain.
› No meat until you are healed. Animal foods contain uric acid, which puts undue strain on the kidneys that can contribute to back pain.

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